Monday, September 26, 2011


Apparently my last post irritated some people. But I won't apologize for my beliefs. The things that irritates me about the people that disagree is the fact that they won't just pleasantly disagree or even pass my blog on by. They say rude things against the beliefs I hold dear and try to get me to agree with them. They want me to tell them their transgressions are not sinful. I know that I have plenty to repent for and that is the key, owning up to the fact that you do wrong every single day!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Good golly...

I finally finished the study/homework/test portion of massage therapy school. It feels so fabulous to be done. For the next 6 weeks I will essentially be working for free. People still have to pay for their massage but I give the massage and the school receives the money. I do, however, receive tips! It makes me feel so good to have accomplished that goal. When I started school last September Charles and I both had the idea that my schooling would only be throughout the 2010/2011 school year and that it shouldn't be that bad. I have to say though, it has been one stressful year. My time in school made me realize everything I do as a mom and the amount of obligation placed on my shoulders and also what the members of my family expect of me. Days where leaving important homework assignments at home and mom running them to school for you were over. Days of Josh and Cody looking decent enough to go to school were put on hold this year. Charles could not have cared less what those kids looked like when he dropped them off every morning. My days of caring for that stuff was put on hold as well. I even bought ramen to give the kids for lunch! There isn't one nutritional thing in that $.20 pack of noodles but I'm not really caring this summer. Gone were the days of hot, delicious, nightly, homemade meals. Gone were the days of trying to be frugal and going from one grocery store to the next trying to save my family a dollar or 2. Gone were the days of a daily tidied house with washed and folded laundry. Of course the laundry was regularly folded even when I wasn't in school but it was worse while I was in school. Now I'm just looking forward to my 5 a.m. morning being finished.

Let's face it, though, MT accomplishments is not what brings to me to post on my blog today. I ain't that kind of gal! What brings me here today is the liberal fool that left a comment on my blog on May 9, 2011. There I was minding my own business...well sort of minding my own business. I logged into my blog to see what my sister's in law blog address was so I could see what she was doing to lose 6 pounds in 2 days. That's where I noticed I had 2 comments waiting to be moderated from the last blog posting I made. There sat the comment. The ironic thing was this person told me to get a life! My goodness, if I had more of a life right now I would explode. Now this person is writing a comment on my, a stranger to this person, blog. Not to mention by the time his/her comment came along the posting was 2 months old and they are telling me to get a life! The nerve. I wasn't even going to moderate the comment but as I sat and pondered my thoughts on it I realized this fool totally validated my rantings in that posting. My rantings of how offensive liberal douche bags get when you don't agree with them. Rantings of how they really aren't accepting of anyone unless others' opinions are inline with theirs. Maybe if some of these people would open a bible and read a verse or 2 they might learn something for their own good. Just because you feel that homosexuality is acceptable doesn't mean you are accepting and non-judgmental. To be accepting means you have to be accepting of everyone even when you disagree. I know gay people, for goodness sake, I'm a massage therapist. There are a lot of good gay people out there that do great things. That doesn't mean that I agree with a homosexual lifestyle. It's just like when my kids make bad decisions, I still love them and would die for them, but they still piss me off when they make a bad choice and I am always sad for their consequence of a bad decision.

This person tried to use a wide vocabulary while being insulting and it made me laugh. They used insular-dwelling or situated on an island, also parochial-limited or narrow outlook. Oh and also homophobic! Like I said, I'm a massage therapist, I have given and received massage from gays, lots and of times. Extremely gay people. I am not homophobic. Charles on the other hand is a different story but they weren't insulting him they were insulting me. Insulting someone they don't know anything about. Well, nothing other than the fact I am God fearing and believe we should follow the rules set forth by The One in charge. So, I don't really care what that person says about me. They can make fun of my beliefs but I'm not going to change them because I know who gets the last word. Good people have died standing for truth. Fools have been around since the beginning of time, I just wish they wouldn't post on my blog. Oh and the person's profile couldn't be accessed by uninvited guests... so that tells ya somethin'! I bet anything they were from California!

It's always the ones that whine the loudest that think their views are correct. Atheists complain about religion being in the schools and people hurry and yank prayer out of the schools. Atheism is a religion. So we're leaving religion in and pulling God out! They want to push their crap down our throats and make us and the rest of the population practice what they believe. People are outraged when lessons on homosexuality are taught in schools or when you see Bert and Ernie acting like a gay couple. The ones that are outraged are considered to be the ones doing the wrong thing and we're "parochial and insular". I just don't understand why we have to tolerate their belief system but when it comes to the people with morals we're ignored and our beliefs don't have to be taken into consideration. What about the ones that WANT prayer in school and the ones that still believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Obviously, even the majority of California agrees that marriage should be that way because they voted for prop 8 a few years ago.

I better get outta here before my blood pressure rises too much!

Even Tracy Morgan is sick and tired of homosexuals!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Some people....

....bug the heck right out of me! Why is it that people were down right outraged when a grocery store in Arkansas wanted to cover up a picture of a homosexual couple having proudly just adopted a baby but nobody seems to be that outraged about those Westboro Baptist fools protesting at soldiers' funerals. Why is that ok but upholding Christian values is taboo. What is even more maddening is that grocery store gave into the media hype. They should have told those liberal idiots to kiss it where the sun don't shine. We're gonna keep it covered! I am sick to death of people being scare to do the right thing these days because it might "offend" someone. Liberals want to defend their freedom of speech but what about the right to bear arms amendment? They are all for that constitution when it may benefit their cause but when it stands against their platform they want to change it. I am sorry to inform everyone of this...but...this country was founded upon Christian principles. God inspired those men! I am sorry but homosexuality is NOT a Christian act. It is morally wrong! It is sinful in the eyes of God. Everyone should be thanking that same God for choosing them to be a part of this country and stop trying to undo the goodness that this country started with.

Those Westboro fools are protesting at funerals of the very men and women that gave their dumb a--es the right to do that. The ruling in the Supreme Court claims to defend our first amendment but what those people want to do has nothing to do with free speech. The Supreme Court is condoning hate speech. How many times has the ACLU stepped in to help the dumbest of causes? Where are they now? Let those idiots say what they want when they want but don't allow it at a service member's funeral or anyone's funeral for that matter. Where the hell is our next Ronald Reagan?

I really do believe there are a lot of people out there still that have values and morals and want to uphold the rights and privileges we've started with. I think it's just that the far left douche bags are the squeaky wheels that always get the grease.

While I'm on the topic of the screwed up government, let's talk about the welfare system. You don't see single mothers of small children filling up the projects. Nope. Drive through a set of them. You'll see black people that have no desire to work or become educated but want to sit around and let our tax dollars pay their way. I'm not a racist, I'm a fact teller! It seems that someone along the way should come up with the idea of a time line for welfare. We'll help you out for this amount of time and then it will be up to you to support yourself and your family. Some people consider the welfare system helping out the needy and I'm SURE there are cases where people truly do need it but I do not think that is the rule. I'm sick of it!

It seems that the people that scream the loudest to protect the amendments they find so dear are the ones who have not done a darn thing to protect it! I guess that's why they think they get to pick and choose which rights need to stay and which ones need to go. There will come a time when the people with morals and values will have to defend what was given to us. I hope we win it!

God Bless the USA! And all those that serve to protect it!

So, you can run and tell that homeboy!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Holy Shizzle!

It's been forever since I posted on this thing. I almost forgot I had a blog! We've been up to our eyeballs with busy-ness. When I say busy I really do mean busy, not just the busy some people use when they want to appear as if they do something important. I started massage therapy school in September and go until the end of June. Charles decided since I wasn't going to be home during his lunch hour anymore he may as well go ahead and finish his degree and get that done once and for all. He's been going to school like a crazy man. We're only in our 30's, we're figuring out what we want to do when we grow up. Slow and steady wins the race, right?!

Charles coached Josh's soccer team this year and they actually turned out to be a pretty good team. When the season started we had some questionable players on the team but they had all learned how to play soccer by the end of the season. Charlie and Ryan's team made it to the championship game and ended up losing 4-2. It was a frustrating game. Not to brag, but all of my kids are magnificent soccer players and it is a little irritating to see big ol' kids out there twiddling the ball and not putting it in the goal. If you haven't played soccer by the time you're 14, now is not the time to "try" it out. It is a very fast paced game with lots of running, so if you're chubby, try something else, like....knitting or golf.

I started a food co-op, back in August, with a good friend of mine. I like doing it except for when the times comes to actually get out there and do it! It really is a pain in the butt, however, I always feel good once it's done. Lots of people use the co-op as their only source for fruits and veggies. Besides it is only every other week and my family helps me a ton with it!

Christmas was sensational! It was nice for all of us to get a 2 week break with no responsibilities. We slept late, played the wii for hours at a time and ate like pigs. Not the most spiritual thing to do, I know, but we did have a great time. I must put a plug in for Charlie, who did not partake in our idolatry. He was putting an irrigation system in for some guy from church.

Massage therapy school is 4 days a week. I drive to Tucson for those 4 days. It is a 75 minute drive there and back. I wake at 5 a.m. every morning and I am not a morning person. I do love school though. I didn't think I would after all those years out of high school but it is very different learning as an adult. Now before you go thinking "it's only massage therapy school" I will have you know it is quite hard. Anatomy and physiology were a killer. I had to study my butt off and I will add that I've had the highest grade in the class for the last 5, maybe 6 classes!

I forgot to consider I would have to work close with people that annoy me. For 15 years I have worked in my home with people that annoy me but I love them dearly and would die for all of them. I can't say the same thing for a percentage of the people in my class. They annoy me but there is not one person I would consider dying for! I guess I should have known there was going to be a certain number of homosexual men having a desire to be massage therapists. Here's my question about them.... if homosexuals are attracted to the same sex, why do they try so hard to look and act like the opposite sex? I don't care what your sexual preference is, but don't shove it down my throat.

Anyway, life is good for now. 2010 didn't start off so hot but it did end up well. Hope all my readers out there are doing fabulous. Heck, maybe you forgot about this blog altogether!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fat Bottom Girls Make the Rockin' World Go 'Round

Well, what a fun filled summer it was! Believe it or not I was not ready for my kids to start school last Wednesday. Mostly because we had returned from a 2 week vacation the day before it started. I had to get the new school clothes washed, groceries purchased and school supplies bought. Not to mention pick up the schedules and meet the new teachers. All of this after driving across the country for 26 hours. We've made the trip from Arizona to Alabama many times but it seemed much easier this time since we don't have babies. It was still miserable to be in the car for such a long period. The state of Texas takes days to drive through, Louisiana has some of the worst, bumpy highways of any state I have ever driven through, Mississippi has more gospel radio stations than one state needs. I assume that's because that state is largely populated with black people. You know you're entering southern country when the blacks out number the Mexicans. Where have all the white people gone? My goodness! I'm starting to wonder if I have racist tendencies....nah!

We did have a great summer! We went to the pool, played basketball and had as much fun as you can possibly have in a town as crappy as Sierra Vista! Our vacation back to the south was, of course, the highlight of summer 2010. We saw all of our family, well the ones we wanted to see anyway, went to an amazing science center filled with screaming, stinky kids, spent a week at the beach and even saw my almost 90 year old grandmother. The kids weren't so hip on sitting in her tiny nursing home room and having my dad go nuts at every little move they made! Of course the alarm that kept going off wasn't helping matters either. Not a good thing to hear when you're sitting on the bed of a 90 year old woman!

Since my grandmother moved into a nursing home her things needed to be divvied up among family. My dad's brother got anything that might be of some value and we were able to pick through the rest! We were able to walk away with things that were valuable to us and probably even valuable to the rest of the population! I got lots of old pictures and even a rolling pin that my great grand-father carved with a pocket knife sometime in the 1800's. I also retrieved all of my grand-mother's old wigs! Weird, I know, but my kids have sure had a blast with those things! I couldn't resist when I saw the box sitting there in that hot, Alabama storage unit! I remember those things from when I was a little girl. Well, not those actual wigs. They seem to have lightened up as the years have gone by BUT she still had them on the same styrofoam heads I remembered from years ago! Charles was a little creeped out that we got the wigs. He wouldn't even open the box when we got home. He sure did enjoy seeing me in one of those things and quickly decided we needed to keep them.

I'm so glad we got to see the family that we desired to see. I am glad that my kids were able to be a part of a bigger family for a couple of weeks. It broadened the picture on eternal families for me and made me realize how grateful I am to have such great people in our families!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I don't really know what to say today but I feel like it should be something. I can't just write up a posting like my last one and go into hiding for another 3 months.

Charles and I have been swimming at night and of course we have 4 kids that like to come along. Cody passed the swim test this year, which allows him to swim in the deep end without an adult within arm's reach of him. Since this feat he likes to see how far down he can swim in 11 feet waters. Charles and I warned him that he shouldn't get near the pool drains as this is very dangerous. Charles felt like he should take it a step further and tell our kids a tragic story of a kid who got to close to the pool drains and had his innards sucked out. Of course Cody and his 7 year old brain takes this story very serious. He comes up to me the other night after I had completed my swim and he says in his most serious voice "Hey, Mom, you know that kid that got his butt hole sucked out? Well... was it like the big squares that they have in this pool?" " Yes, buddy, just like those!" The things that kid thinks up! We were on our way to a BBQ, and I say BBQ because the person was using a gas grill and not charcoal, when Cody asks Charles and me "hey, how do you spell douche bag?" I'm sorry but I cracked right up! How do you not laugh at something like that? No... they do not learn that from the parents but from their older brothers! We're good people!

Charles has gone crazy training for this triathlon. For me, I just wanted to see if I could do it and wanted him to start exercising with me. Now he is all into it and I am wishing I had never started. We have been reading on transitioning between events and there are stories of spandex and speed and everything in between. I have no desire to put this body in a pair of spandex and don't see why anyone else would want to do that either. But I'm glad he has found something he likes to do:)

There I was standing in my kitchen, canning salsa and minding my own business when Cody yells "Mom, there's a scorpion, move away..." There it was in all it's glory straightening and curling his tail right below my feet. Cody ran to his room, grabbed his shoe and ran back to whack it 5 good licks. He was a goner in no time. That is one good thing about having all boys.

Since they are so fabulous, we're going to the circus tomorrow! I'm excited:)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Where has the time gone?

Here is a list of Cody's summer demands! If you can't read it clearly he states "you haft give us a 2 popcycles every day. give us a pickel. take us swimming and take us to the park when we want to. from: cody LOVE that kid! He had tucked it away by the couch last night. He was angry that he didn't get a popsicle before bed last night! This picture had to go to the top because I was tired of adding pictures to the bottom!

Of course I must write tonight! I can't believe it's been 3 months since my last post :| Indeed, I have lots of good reasons for a hiatus. First off, we celebrated 3 birthdays in 10 days and I was in charge of 2 of them. March 30-April 9th is full of ideas about cakes, gifts and how to celebrate on the child's big day. I am planning for weeks on each one.

Ryan chose a kitty litter cake! The taste wasn't worth the effort!

Cody likes to be very precise on how he desires his big day to pan out.

Here is a sample of the awsomeness of my mothering skills!
Cody's 7th b'day cake!

Thank goodness that's over.....for nearly 3 months now. Hey, I'm just now recovering! Then Charlie and Ryan participated in a HUGE cultural event celebrating the new Gila Valley Temple. They practiced their dance moves for weeks. It involved lots of traveling and preparation! They got to perform for President Monson for the finale. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever witnessed. 1600 kids singing "Come Come Ye Saints" while a live Angel Moroni was being raised was quite sensational! I am very grateful that 2 of my children were able to participate in something like that!

Now school is out and my kids turn into lazy slobs during these summer months. If it were up to my 4 sons my grocery bill would triple. For some reason their stomachs double in size during these months and so does the laundry pile and the mess around this place. Funny thing is I was super excited about school coming to an end 3 weeks ago! Don't get me wrong, I love those kids but they're stinky and messy and make me nuts!Another wonderful thing is Charles and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary on June 14th! We celebrated by each of us getting new road bikes, having dinner in Tucson and eating an ungodly amount of Cold Stone Creamery ice cream! I thought I was going to laugh my head off when my husband walked out of that place with the BIGGEST ice cream servings I have ever seen! If you're gonna do it, do it right! That's Charles' motto:) It sure was tasty!

Another, sort of dumb, thing we have gotten ourselves into is a triathlon. A friend mentioned doing one and maybe dividing up the events and I talked Charles into doing it with me and now we are stuck doing all 3 events. I say stuck because now that we are training Charles has gotten all into it and wants to do all 3 (swim, bike, run) and no dividing it up. Now I'm in a wild panic about getting my not so small ass out there and trying to cross the finish line. Good thing it's only a sprint. I do have sense enough to not sign up for anything bigger than that! I can swim and bike well enough and I jog/bounce my way through the 5K! Even if it takes me 6 hours I will cross that finish line!

I have had my fair share of mean and rude people in the last month. I'm not sure what I was supposed to be learning but I hope I have learned it. We've had a few shockers these last few weeks but we seemed to have come out unscathed and we're better for it. However, I did have quite a shocker today on my little facebook page. We return home from our morning bike ride, Charles decides to make himself a bite to eat and I decide I would take a gander at my FB home page! As I am going through I take note of a few depressing postings and FB asked what was on my mind! Well I told her what was on my mind and it was that "Ashley Tucker Woods is wondering why people get on facebook to discuss their ailments...." The next thing I know all hell has broken loose and I am still confused at the responses that one little posting has received:) But the one little posting that really irritated me the most was the one made by my husband's father. Moral advice coming from a man that has done the things he has done was a little more than I could take. Of course, I can't get on FB and say the MT things I wanted to say. Believe me, it took some SERIOUS restraint not letting my filter fly out the window but I had to think of the kids on my friends list and all the seriously religious people that would see that stuff. I can't even imagine the controversy that could have caused! Goodness that's really the biggest reason that caused me to come to my little public diary and vent! Charles' step-sister and step-mom and obviously his dad felt as though the comment was directed at the step-sis and all hell broke loose from there. It actually turned into a hysterically comical episode that has left me stunned! I'm pretty sure it all stems from Charles and some certain emails a couple of years ago. Who knows? And really...who the hell cares? But the bottom line is... I know how to make myself happy and couldn't give a crapola what other people think!

Ok~ We took the kids to movies in the park a few weeks ago and saw this too! Charles had to snap a picture. I mean I'm all for being confident in your own skin but she has taken it to a whole new level! If you look closely you can see crack also! I know, I know...if you can't say anything nice....just sleep with your co-worker....right?

Cody is learning how to play!