Thursday, June 17, 2010

Where has the time gone?

Here is a list of Cody's summer demands! If you can't read it clearly he states "you haft give us a 2 popcycles every day. give us a pickel. take us swimming and take us to the park when we want to. from: cody LOVE that kid! He had tucked it away by the couch last night. He was angry that he didn't get a popsicle before bed last night! This picture had to go to the top because I was tired of adding pictures to the bottom!

Of course I must write tonight! I can't believe it's been 3 months since my last post :| Indeed, I have lots of good reasons for a hiatus. First off, we celebrated 3 birthdays in 10 days and I was in charge of 2 of them. March 30-April 9th is full of ideas about cakes, gifts and how to celebrate on the child's big day. I am planning for weeks on each one.

Ryan chose a kitty litter cake! The taste wasn't worth the effort!

Cody likes to be very precise on how he desires his big day to pan out.

Here is a sample of the awsomeness of my mothering skills!
Cody's 7th b'day cake!

Thank goodness that's over.....for nearly 3 months now. Hey, I'm just now recovering! Then Charlie and Ryan participated in a HUGE cultural event celebrating the new Gila Valley Temple. They practiced their dance moves for weeks. It involved lots of traveling and preparation! They got to perform for President Monson for the finale. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever witnessed. 1600 kids singing "Come Come Ye Saints" while a live Angel Moroni was being raised was quite sensational! I am very grateful that 2 of my children were able to participate in something like that!

Now school is out and my kids turn into lazy slobs during these summer months. If it were up to my 4 sons my grocery bill would triple. For some reason their stomachs double in size during these months and so does the laundry pile and the mess around this place. Funny thing is I was super excited about school coming to an end 3 weeks ago! Don't get me wrong, I love those kids but they're stinky and messy and make me nuts!Another wonderful thing is Charles and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary on June 14th! We celebrated by each of us getting new road bikes, having dinner in Tucson and eating an ungodly amount of Cold Stone Creamery ice cream! I thought I was going to laugh my head off when my husband walked out of that place with the BIGGEST ice cream servings I have ever seen! If you're gonna do it, do it right! That's Charles' motto:) It sure was tasty!

Another, sort of dumb, thing we have gotten ourselves into is a triathlon. A friend mentioned doing one and maybe dividing up the events and I talked Charles into doing it with me and now we are stuck doing all 3 events. I say stuck because now that we are training Charles has gotten all into it and wants to do all 3 (swim, bike, run) and no dividing it up. Now I'm in a wild panic about getting my not so small ass out there and trying to cross the finish line. Good thing it's only a sprint. I do have sense enough to not sign up for anything bigger than that! I can swim and bike well enough and I jog/bounce my way through the 5K! Even if it takes me 6 hours I will cross that finish line!

I have had my fair share of mean and rude people in the last month. I'm not sure what I was supposed to be learning but I hope I have learned it. We've had a few shockers these last few weeks but we seemed to have come out unscathed and we're better for it. However, I did have quite a shocker today on my little facebook page. We return home from our morning bike ride, Charles decides to make himself a bite to eat and I decide I would take a gander at my FB home page! As I am going through I take note of a few depressing postings and FB asked what was on my mind! Well I told her what was on my mind and it was that "Ashley Tucker Woods is wondering why people get on facebook to discuss their ailments...." The next thing I know all hell has broken loose and I am still confused at the responses that one little posting has received:) But the one little posting that really irritated me the most was the one made by my husband's father. Moral advice coming from a man that has done the things he has done was a little more than I could take. Of course, I can't get on FB and say the MT things I wanted to say. Believe me, it took some SERIOUS restraint not letting my filter fly out the window but I had to think of the kids on my friends list and all the seriously religious people that would see that stuff. I can't even imagine the controversy that could have caused! Goodness that's really the biggest reason that caused me to come to my little public diary and vent! Charles' step-sister and step-mom and obviously his dad felt as though the comment was directed at the step-sis and all hell broke loose from there. It actually turned into a hysterically comical episode that has left me stunned! I'm pretty sure it all stems from Charles and some certain emails a couple of years ago. Who knows? And really...who the hell cares? But the bottom line is... I know how to make myself happy and couldn't give a crapola what other people think!

Ok~ We took the kids to movies in the park a few weeks ago and saw this too! Charles had to snap a picture. I mean I'm all for being confident in your own skin but she has taken it to a whole new level! If you look closely you can see crack also! I know, I know...if you can't say anything nice....just sleep with your co-worker....right?

Cody is learning how to play!


Mere said...

TOTALLY made my day!

Kari said...

oh it made mine too... you BACK! Love it.. triathalon. serioulsy.. you and Trisha and your running. what the crap. Good Luck!!

Ashley said...

Kari, it's not so much of a run as it is a jog/shuffle!

Trisha said...

Holy Heck!! First of all - that cake. Why haven't you posted that sooner?? The cake makin' table has been turned over to Ashley Woods. You better believe I will be calling you for the ideas now. That is amazing.
Next, that whole paragraph about the movies, saying nice things and sleeping with your coworker.... I couldn't stop laughing (Cody's list cracked me up too).
I wanted bad to call you just now, but I left my dadgum phone at my Mom's. I will call you in a bit or if you get this before I call you, call me on my home phone.

Charity said...

HaHa I Love you Ashley!

The Hatch's said...

Ashley's back YEAH!!!!