Friday, June 10, 2011

Good golly...

I finally finished the study/homework/test portion of massage therapy school. It feels so fabulous to be done. For the next 6 weeks I will essentially be working for free. People still have to pay for their massage but I give the massage and the school receives the money. I do, however, receive tips! It makes me feel so good to have accomplished that goal. When I started school last September Charles and I both had the idea that my schooling would only be throughout the 2010/2011 school year and that it shouldn't be that bad. I have to say though, it has been one stressful year. My time in school made me realize everything I do as a mom and the amount of obligation placed on my shoulders and also what the members of my family expect of me. Days where leaving important homework assignments at home and mom running them to school for you were over. Days of Josh and Cody looking decent enough to go to school were put on hold this year. Charles could not have cared less what those kids looked like when he dropped them off every morning. My days of caring for that stuff was put on hold as well. I even bought ramen to give the kids for lunch! There isn't one nutritional thing in that $.20 pack of noodles but I'm not really caring this summer. Gone were the days of hot, delicious, nightly, homemade meals. Gone were the days of trying to be frugal and going from one grocery store to the next trying to save my family a dollar or 2. Gone were the days of a daily tidied house with washed and folded laundry. Of course the laundry was regularly folded even when I wasn't in school but it was worse while I was in school. Now I'm just looking forward to my 5 a.m. morning being finished.

Let's face it, though, MT accomplishments is not what brings to me to post on my blog today. I ain't that kind of gal! What brings me here today is the liberal fool that left a comment on my blog on May 9, 2011. There I was minding my own business...well sort of minding my own business. I logged into my blog to see what my sister's in law blog address was so I could see what she was doing to lose 6 pounds in 2 days. That's where I noticed I had 2 comments waiting to be moderated from the last blog posting I made. There sat the comment. The ironic thing was this person told me to get a life! My goodness, if I had more of a life right now I would explode. Now this person is writing a comment on my, a stranger to this person, blog. Not to mention by the time his/her comment came along the posting was 2 months old and they are telling me to get a life! The nerve. I wasn't even going to moderate the comment but as I sat and pondered my thoughts on it I realized this fool totally validated my rantings in that posting. My rantings of how offensive liberal douche bags get when you don't agree with them. Rantings of how they really aren't accepting of anyone unless others' opinions are inline with theirs. Maybe if some of these people would open a bible and read a verse or 2 they might learn something for their own good. Just because you feel that homosexuality is acceptable doesn't mean you are accepting and non-judgmental. To be accepting means you have to be accepting of everyone even when you disagree. I know gay people, for goodness sake, I'm a massage therapist. There are a lot of good gay people out there that do great things. That doesn't mean that I agree with a homosexual lifestyle. It's just like when my kids make bad decisions, I still love them and would die for them, but they still piss me off when they make a bad choice and I am always sad for their consequence of a bad decision.

This person tried to use a wide vocabulary while being insulting and it made me laugh. They used insular-dwelling or situated on an island, also parochial-limited or narrow outlook. Oh and also homophobic! Like I said, I'm a massage therapist, I have given and received massage from gays, lots and of times. Extremely gay people. I am not homophobic. Charles on the other hand is a different story but they weren't insulting him they were insulting me. Insulting someone they don't know anything about. Well, nothing other than the fact I am God fearing and believe we should follow the rules set forth by The One in charge. So, I don't really care what that person says about me. They can make fun of my beliefs but I'm not going to change them because I know who gets the last word. Good people have died standing for truth. Fools have been around since the beginning of time, I just wish they wouldn't post on my blog. Oh and the person's profile couldn't be accessed by uninvited guests... so that tells ya somethin'! I bet anything they were from California!

It's always the ones that whine the loudest that think their views are correct. Atheists complain about religion being in the schools and people hurry and yank prayer out of the schools. Atheism is a religion. So we're leaving religion in and pulling God out! They want to push their crap down our throats and make us and the rest of the population practice what they believe. People are outraged when lessons on homosexuality are taught in schools or when you see Bert and Ernie acting like a gay couple. The ones that are outraged are considered to be the ones doing the wrong thing and we're "parochial and insular". I just don't understand why we have to tolerate their belief system but when it comes to the people with morals we're ignored and our beliefs don't have to be taken into consideration. What about the ones that WANT prayer in school and the ones that still believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Obviously, even the majority of California agrees that marriage should be that way because they voted for prop 8 a few years ago.

I better get outta here before my blood pressure rises too much!

Even Tracy Morgan is sick and tired of homosexuals!

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Mere said...

I got SO excited when I saw your name on my google reader. I love love love you, and everything you have to say :)