Thursday, March 3, 2011

Some people....

....bug the heck right out of me! Why is it that people were down right outraged when a grocery store in Arkansas wanted to cover up a picture of a homosexual couple having proudly just adopted a baby but nobody seems to be that outraged about those Westboro Baptist fools protesting at soldiers' funerals. Why is that ok but upholding Christian values is taboo. What is even more maddening is that grocery store gave into the media hype. They should have told those liberal idiots to kiss it where the sun don't shine. We're gonna keep it covered! I am sick to death of people being scare to do the right thing these days because it might "offend" someone. Liberals want to defend their freedom of speech but what about the right to bear arms amendment? They are all for that constitution when it may benefit their cause but when it stands against their platform they want to change it. I am sorry to inform everyone of this...but...this country was founded upon Christian principles. God inspired those men! I am sorry but homosexuality is NOT a Christian act. It is morally wrong! It is sinful in the eyes of God. Everyone should be thanking that same God for choosing them to be a part of this country and stop trying to undo the goodness that this country started with.

Those Westboro fools are protesting at funerals of the very men and women that gave their dumb a--es the right to do that. The ruling in the Supreme Court claims to defend our first amendment but what those people want to do has nothing to do with free speech. The Supreme Court is condoning hate speech. How many times has the ACLU stepped in to help the dumbest of causes? Where are they now? Let those idiots say what they want when they want but don't allow it at a service member's funeral or anyone's funeral for that matter. Where the hell is our next Ronald Reagan?

I really do believe there are a lot of people out there still that have values and morals and want to uphold the rights and privileges we've started with. I think it's just that the far left douche bags are the squeaky wheels that always get the grease.

While I'm on the topic of the screwed up government, let's talk about the welfare system. You don't see single mothers of small children filling up the projects. Nope. Drive through a set of them. You'll see black people that have no desire to work or become educated but want to sit around and let our tax dollars pay their way. I'm not a racist, I'm a fact teller! It seems that someone along the way should come up with the idea of a time line for welfare. We'll help you out for this amount of time and then it will be up to you to support yourself and your family. Some people consider the welfare system helping out the needy and I'm SURE there are cases where people truly do need it but I do not think that is the rule. I'm sick of it!

It seems that the people that scream the loudest to protect the amendments they find so dear are the ones who have not done a darn thing to protect it! I guess that's why they think they get to pick and choose which rights need to stay and which ones need to go. There will come a time when the people with morals and values will have to defend what was given to us. I hope we win it!

God Bless the USA! And all those that serve to protect it!

So, you can run and tell that homeboy!


Mere said...

Ashley, I SERIOUSLY needed that! I was listening to the crap on the radio this morning about the protesters and I was furious. I'm glad you speak your mind for me too!

Trust-time said...

oh dear..the more blogs I read coming out of the American bible belt, the more scared I am for the world! Homosexuality is NOT a choice, and it is certainly not immoral. Seriously, reach out of your parochial, insular, homophobic little world and get a life!

Ashley said...

I almost didn't publish the last comment but then I realized it completely validates everything I was ranting about! The people that claim to be the most accepting are the first ones to get irritated when someone's opinion doesn't agree with their own. It is ironic that this person has requested that I get a life as they leave a comment on a stranger's blog! This person is obviously a liberal fool that thinks everybody's morals and beliefs should change because they think it is perfectly acceptable to go against the beliefs this country was founded upon. Homosexuality is definitely a choice AND immoral. So you, pervert, can get a life.