Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I know, I know

My posts are few and far between these days. However, I have been a busy bee. Last week I learned how to can. Charles' grandmother gave us 2 pressure cookers and a water bath canner years ago. They had never been touched by my hands until last Wednesday. I hadn't used them because I was for sure the pressure canner would blow up in my face and disfigure me for life. But, a lady in our ward called me up one day and asked if I wanted to learn how to can pinto beans. I said "absolutely" and since then I have been a canning fool. It just took a little confidence on how to use the pressure canner to get me going. I bought a crap load of apples the other day since they were on sale and it took me all day to get them canned. My back hurts now. I made applesauce, canned baking apples and some freezer baking apples and some baked beans but not with apples! I'm talented, thank you! Actually if it hadn't been for Sister Hardy my canners would still be unused!

We had a nice Halloween! Our stake did a trunk or treat but it was over pretty early so we took the kids around our neighborhood. I need to know what in the world has happened to Halloween. When I was a kid everyone had porch lights on and the streets were filled to the brim with kids. These days I think all of the churches around town do the trunk or treats and kids only have to walk 1/3 mile to get 12 pounds of candy. Then parents sit and wonder why their kids weigh 200 pounds at 10 years old. We did get a bunch of candy though! Charlie was glad since he didn't get to trick or treat this year. That's another one of my pet peeves. Huge, giant kids that come to my door and say "trick or treat". I'm sorry but when you have pubic hair you should not be going trick or treating. I can't believe parents let their teenagers do that. When I get a big, grown kid come to my door they get the crappiest piece of candy in the bowl, like the tootsie rolls or those black and orange wrapped candy that makes me wonder why in the hell people still gives those out. I'm glad October is over. I was tired of all the festivals, pumpkin patches and parties.

Our Vampire, "Dead Guy", Mummy, and Redneck (looks like Joe Dirt).

Me and Charles before a Halloween party.

Ok, so I'm beginning to think I may be a little racist. Now, I like Mexicans, I really do. When we lived in Alabama there was and still is a section of town where all the Mexicans lived and they worked hard and sent their money home to help support their families that still lived in Mexico. I also have a sister in law that is Mexican and I love her to pieces. However, the Mexicans here in Sierra Vista have really been bugging me lately. The Mexican parents at the elementary school never follow the car rider rules. They act like only the white people must follow these rules. They are constantly holding up traffic and thinking they don't have to wait in the line like everyone else has to. Then there are Mexican kids at the middle school that are always talking trash to other kids and picking on them. My 80 pound Ryan got in a fight at school today with one of them. Ryan called him out on his crap and a fight ensued. They both received in-school suspension since the bitchy vice principal was feeling nice today. The one good thing about this is that I was supposed to go on a field trip to Tucson with Ryan's class tomorrow. Now that he has ISS he doesn't get to go and now I don't have to!

Other exciting news.....we bought a 1970's RV for $100. It is sitting in our back yard and it makes me feel like cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation. It runs and is in great condition. It just needs a little updation and we'll be good to go! We're going to fix up the inside and not worry so much about the outside. I'm sure our neighbors love us!