Thursday, July 1, 2010

I don't really know what to say today but I feel like it should be something. I can't just write up a posting like my last one and go into hiding for another 3 months.

Charles and I have been swimming at night and of course we have 4 kids that like to come along. Cody passed the swim test this year, which allows him to swim in the deep end without an adult within arm's reach of him. Since this feat he likes to see how far down he can swim in 11 feet waters. Charles and I warned him that he shouldn't get near the pool drains as this is very dangerous. Charles felt like he should take it a step further and tell our kids a tragic story of a kid who got to close to the pool drains and had his innards sucked out. Of course Cody and his 7 year old brain takes this story very serious. He comes up to me the other night after I had completed my swim and he says in his most serious voice "Hey, Mom, you know that kid that got his butt hole sucked out? Well... was it like the big squares that they have in this pool?" " Yes, buddy, just like those!" The things that kid thinks up! We were on our way to a BBQ, and I say BBQ because the person was using a gas grill and not charcoal, when Cody asks Charles and me "hey, how do you spell douche bag?" I'm sorry but I cracked right up! How do you not laugh at something like that? No... they do not learn that from the parents but from their older brothers! We're good people!

Charles has gone crazy training for this triathlon. For me, I just wanted to see if I could do it and wanted him to start exercising with me. Now he is all into it and I am wishing I had never started. We have been reading on transitioning between events and there are stories of spandex and speed and everything in between. I have no desire to put this body in a pair of spandex and don't see why anyone else would want to do that either. But I'm glad he has found something he likes to do:)

There I was standing in my kitchen, canning salsa and minding my own business when Cody yells "Mom, there's a scorpion, move away..." There it was in all it's glory straightening and curling his tail right below my feet. Cody ran to his room, grabbed his shoe and ran back to whack it 5 good licks. He was a goner in no time. That is one good thing about having all boys.

Since they are so fabulous, we're going to the circus tomorrow! I'm excited:)


Trisha said...

You didn't mention the cirus. That souds fun. Cody is hilarious.

sleepinl8 said...

Haha! By the way I just saw the photo on your sidebar that says "but it's not col to wear a jacket, Mom!". That seems to be true for so many kids! who knows, even I do it!