Thursday, March 18, 2010

We've been busy......

finishing the RV. I say we meaning mostly Charles and the kids. I did, however, help with a lot of the painting. But after being in such a small space and having mostly cutting in to do I grew tired of that job fast. A lot of the work required skills that I do not possess so I opted to clean the heck out of my house this weekend. Charles had put in for leave for the entire week of spring break so we could work on the RV and take our first voyage! They worked diligently through the weekend and finished what needed to be done to get it out and we were set to leave Tuesday morning! The kids were so excited! We had picked our boondocking spot and everything:) We piled into the RV and we were set until Charles turned the key and got no response! Not even a single noise. It was as if we had stuck a toothpick in the ignition. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Charles looks over at me and and I say "Now what do we do?" Charles looks under the hood and about 20 minutes later he discovers it's some solenoid something or other and teaches Charlie how to hot wire the thing and we're off! Until we stop for gas and the same thing happens. This time the engine becomes flooded and we're stuck at the gas station for another 20 minutes then the hot wiring trick works again and we're off to somewhere between Bisbee and Douglas, Arizona! It was out in the middle of nowhere on this little, old lady's land that she has opened up to boondockers. Boondocking is actually RVing for free but she had a suggested "donation" price board once you entered the property. She was a sweet old lady with a wild life story. Animals were everywhere and we met a guy who is traveling throughout the west and had been at the Silverado ranch for about 3 weeks! Belle Star is the owner of the ranch and she has a donkey that roams the property and there was poop everywhere. Apparently she lives life to think that animals are low maintenance. There were also horses, geese, chickens, roosters, peacocks and dogs! There was a dead horse in a trash pile and the next day a neighbor came out to burn the pile..... so...... that took care of that! We had a pretty good time. For some reason, my husband and kids thoroughly enjoy living primitive. Although is wasn't too bad since we had running water, toilets and a shower. I mean really, how primitive are you when you run through a 40 gallon water tank in less than 24 hours? The thing I enjoyed most was watching my kids have a good time and feeling close as a family out in the middle of nowhere. I also loved the fact that Charlie wasn't at all embarrassed to get out and help his dad hot wire our hoopty of an RV! We laughed the whole time at that experience. I'm just glad to be married to a man that knows what to do with an old, crappy piece of machinery. He's driven enough of them in his lifetime! Those memories are another story for another day! Oh and the next day we walked over to the "tamed" horses pen since we were told we could ride them. Well Bryan, the vagabond, was trying to help us figure out how to rein and saddle them when the 2 horses started going crazy and bucking. Scared the heck out of me and Bryan too since he spouted off a few expletives. I think I would have too because he was the one holding the one that was bucking and that horse was slinging him all over the place. Bryan thought he was going to get the crap kicked out of him and he was saying a silent prayer the whole time. I decided since we didn't know what the hell we were doing and the horses weren't being cooperative there was no way I was going to let any of my kids giddy up! I'd rather forfeit a few minutes of good old fashioned fun than one of my kids' spinal cords. Those horses may have been tamed at one point but I would have felt safer atop a wild mustang! I hope she doesn't tell anyone else those babies are for riding!

This morning Charles took Charlie and Ryan on another camping excursion for scouts. They took out the beast again. Josh, Cody and myself are left at home for the next couple of days but I ain't sad about it. We have big plans! Today was swimming and tomorrow is Diary of a Wimpy Kid! I couldn't be more thrilled:) Pictures of our RV adventure will be available when Charles returns Saturday!