Saturday, September 12, 2009

A few thoughts....

Is there anyone out there that can actually take Pamela Anderson serious? I know I'm judging but please're 42 and you have 2 sons that are old enough to know that you have zero class. It seems that these PETA advocates are just looking for a way for everyone to see them naked. How can anyone take your cause serious when you are showing your parts to the entire nation? All these former porn stars are now trying to get people to take them serious by continuing to do the only thing they know how....taking their clothes off, only now they are doing it for the "sake of animals." Drives me nuts! Their group should be called PITA...Pain in the A--!!

Well, I was talking to my sister last night and we were discussing the medical world. She works in an ER and is privy to all the goings on in her facility. I had some thoughts on the issue of the medical world. First of all, why is it that we, Americans, put so much trust in a doctor that doesn't know us and we don't know them? Basically, they are prescribing medicines to us because they have been paid by pharmaceutical companies in exchange. They aren't necessarily prescribing that medicine to us because they feel it is in our best interest. Another thing, how many medications actually solve the issue? Most prescriptions only help the symptoms, they aren't curing the problem. But people continue to put their trust in the medical industry. I am often humored when I see the statement "these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA." Well let's put our trust in them since they are so trustworthy. How many medications have been put on the market only to be yanked off a year later because they are killing people? We are constantly seeing commercials with attorneys seeking out those wanting to be compensated for damages caused by these medications. FDA evaluated those medications. Not to mention all the back and forth we get on how we are supposed to eat to be healthy. Eggs are good for you, oh never mind, oh yes, they are good for you again. High protein is great, oops, we're wrong again! The "experts" are contradicting themselves all the dang time. Yet we still trust them and take all their advice and the medications right along with it. We don't seek out other natural alternatives and we wonder why there are so many diseases and why our bodies are falling apart. We can't imagine that we can hold the key to our own good health. We don't realize that our bodies were made, by our Father in Heaven, to heal and repair themselves if we use the right tools. Think about when you fall and get a cut. Your body knows just what to do and in a few days it scabs all by itself and, voila, in a few days you're all better. Now I'm not saying that doctors don't have a place in this world. As a matter of fact, I took Josh to see a doctor the other day about his swollen jaws. The doctor that saw him was probably the best I have encountered since we've been in the military. He was extremely thorough and patient. He ruled out the worst through blood test and examinations. So, yes, there are many good doctors out there. I haven't come across too many of them but I'm sure they exist.
I have a good story involving my methods. Charles, who thought I was a bit of a nut for using essential oils for everything, got his head split open while he was putting up a fence for our chickens. He came around the corner of the house with blood all over his head and had his hand on top of the cut. I asked him what the heck happened and he said he needed to go get stitches. I told him to chill and let me have a look. It was split open but after a drop or 2 of yarrow and a drop of frankincense he was all better. The yarrow made the bleeding stop immediately and frankincense is for scarring. Both have antibacterial and antiseptic qualities. There is no scar on his head from this incident. He continued to feel that he needed an MD but by morning the band aid came off and he was good as new. He is still skeptical at times but everything I have ever tried on him has worked! After all of his testimonials he is coming around. Most people think that essential oils are used for aromatherapy and that's it. They are beneficial as used like this but this isn't their only purpose. Another little thing about medications, the mile long list of side effects. The commercial portion of side effects alone seems to last for about 5 minutes. Anyway, just a little something I've been thinking about lately. But don't mind me we all have a choice!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My life as.....

a fill it in. I was told recently that I don't update my blog enough. I know I should write more since I use this as an outlet and a journal per se. BUT....I don't. Sometimes I feel like I complain a little too much on here. I especially feel that way when I come across all these other blogs that talk of the goodness that people put out in the world, like avocado mousse and vintage aprons and cute, well dressed kids and of course perky, round boobs. But I guess you don't have to read my blog if you don't want to :)

So what's everyone's thoughts on Obama's speech to all the school aged youngsters? Wanna hear mine? Good....I think he's an idiot. I think he wants to control the American population and he is punishing the hard working Americans. I think he promotes indolence and who does he think he is trying to help our kids set education goals. First of all, he isn't even on the level of middle class America. He sends his kids to a $29K a year private school. Thank you, Mr. President, but leave my kids up to me. I think I can handle it. I think he had ulterior motives. I don't trust that man. It's not because he's black or because he's democrat. As much as I disliked Clinton I wouldn't have been opposed to a speech given by him to school kids. There's just something about Obama that reminds me of the Jihadists :-| That's what I think about that!

So....over 14 years ago Charles gave me an engagement ring. He spent about $300 on the ring and the band. I have worn them ever since. After I graduated high school I flew to St. Louis and took a 2 hour bus ride to visit him at Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri. This is when he gave me my engagement ring. I was so proud of that thing! I stayed at this dump of a motel when I arrived in Missouri and Charles came over as soon as he could. He was dressed in his class A's and we walked to a nearby gas station to get some supplies. I left my ring set at the hotel. When we arrived back to the room our door was wide open. I was a little concerned and when we stepped inside there was a chubby, black lady standing there holding my ring box. I asked if I could help her and she put the ring down and said no and acted as if it was completely normal to be gazing at someone's belongings without their permission. I was sure if we had been any later the rings would have been gone. Well, I wake up Saturday morning and look down at my hand and notice that my diamond had fallen out of my ring! I have been sick about it ever since. That ring holds so much sentimental value to me. When I look at that ring memories of my life with Charles flood my mind. I have spent nearly half of my life with him. At least it's just the diamond that was lost and not the ring itself. I don't even know where it would have fallen out so of course I had no idea where to even start looking. It wasn't a big diamond by any means but it holds big memories of where we came from and how far we've come. Dadgummit!

We had Josh's baptism on Saturday and it was great! Events like that are always nice to have behind you! Not that I don't love them but that the stress of it all is over :) Next big event will be my know-it-all son turning 13 next month! He will officially be smarter than me on the 14th of October!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I've been gone a while! Plus, it's taken me a minute to get my thoughts together. I went away for the weekend and had a great time! It was a super long drive and hotter than blue blazes at our destination. I went with a friend of mine to St. George for some essential oil training and to learn an aroma touch technique! It's amazing all that essential oils can do for you. I mean heck, the Wisemen brought them to Christ! It was great training and a good time was had by all! St. George is one of the most beautiful places I have seen. The red rocks are amazing and I can't even compare it to anything I have ever seen. We stopped on Phoenix so I could get a cute haircut and then again in Vegas to see Stephanie's brother. Finally got home Sunday evening after a 10 hour drive!

Charles was released from the bishopric on Sunday and was extended a new calling. Our old bishop moved out of our ward boundaries so we got a new bishopric! Charles was sad to go but is excited about his new calling and all the training it entails! My word. That's about all the happenings around the Woods' home front. My kids are still driving me nuts, I still think Obama is an idiot and I haven't stopped eating sugar. Some things never change:)

Oh yeah, I read an article today about my beloved Ben & Jerry's ice cream. They have a flavor, which I love, called Chubby Hubby! Well in honor of all the homos out there they are changing the name of it for a month and they will call it Hubby Hubby! Yes, you read that right! I mean, ok great, if you want to have things inserted in certain orifices of your body that is your right. But for heaven's sake don't slap the reminder on an ice cream container that someone is going to be eating from. I don't want to be reminded of homosexual activity when I sit down to eat my pint. Thanks Ben & Jerry! Now I have to switch to Dreyer's fully loaded peanut butter cup!

On a happier, non disgusting note, my little Josh is getting baptized this Saturday! I cannot believe he's old enough! He's definitely my sweetest child. Josh tries hard to stay out of trouble and do the right thing. His older brothers pick on him like mad but he can hold his own. He WILL NOT eat eggs unless they are in a batch of cookies or brownies! He's super messy and HATES homework. I will never forget his baby years when he didn't want anyone else but me and all the conversations I had with my sister when I told her I was for sure all the crying would stop when he could sit up, crawl, walk, or turn 18! Little Joshy was a hard baby but turned into the sweetest kid! I love him!